Stitch, I’m Fabulous! I’m Really Fond of Pun Names!

As you might expect from someone who owns a blog called ‘Much Ado About Novels’, I’m very into wordplay, and when I set up an Etsy shop last year, it had to have a similarly punny name. So, I also own Stitch, I’m Fabulous! which is very small, but I’m slowly restocking it with cross-stitched bookmarks I’ve designed myself.

I started doing cross-stitch probably around ten years ago, when I bought a kit on holiday and proceeded to butcher it! I had a pretty steep learning curve after that, and mostly just used kits to make stuff. I’ve always been very academic, so it was a bit of surprise that I enjoyed doing something with my hands, but I soon found that it made me think better. When I’m stressed or I’ve been worried about something, it really helps to just sit down, follow a pattern, and let my hands rhythmically take over, allowing my mind to wander. It allows me to think through problems, acknowledge my feelings and create something, all at the same time. Mostly though, I sew while I watch TV, as my mind isn’t happy with just one distraction!

I’ve only recently begun to design my own patterns, which is way harder than it initially seems. As such, I’ve mostly been focusing on simple, graphic designs to get my points across. Still, I’m very proud of them, and I’m sure my designs will improve just as my sewing skills did. Below is a panel from a HUUUUGE Legend of Zelda stained glass window piece of I’ve been working on intermittently for ages. I didn’t design this myself, but it shows the sort of pieces of I can create.


I promise to post a photo if I ever finish this project! But anyway, here are the two cross-stitch bookmarks I have on sale at the moment – one is a Harry Potter inspired small bookmark, for when you just want to get a book from your room without having to get up, and the other is a larger bookmark based on the suffering we endure as readers when a great series ends.


18742558_10212814617021576_1853440478_o (1)

At the moment, I’m only shipping these to places within the UK. However, if you would really like one of these, please drop me a message and I can research the best way to get it across to you. Also, I can easily make more of these with different colours, so don’t worry about there only being one item listed. I can also customise them in terms of text and design.

That’s it from me today guys! You can also find me on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and Etsy, and until next time, may your plots be satisfying and your characters get what they deserve.


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